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To help raise a generation who is government minded and establishes the order of God in the pillars of society.



To be a leading educational institution in Canada that forms, helps to discover, and develops the gifts and talents of each student in order to live up to their calling, preparing them to be effective and an impact in their role in society.



How we do it


Understanding that each person was designed by God for a specific purpose, we focus on the individuality of the child to not make him/her a copy of a mold, but rather take them to be the leader God has called them to be.

With special emphasis on the specific gifts and talents of each student, and forging a strong and balanced character, we help bring them up with a government mentality and not one of indifference. Supporting parents in the education of the child and working to not leave this responsibility in the hands of an institution, because it is the parents who are called to build their childrens character and establish the destiny of the child in their life.

Using practical and effective tools and material with relevant training, such as Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0, Maxwell leadership, Coaching Principals, etc. Which are used today by businesses and governments which helps develop their strengths and potential.


Looking at the condition of the world today, we realize that things on earth work very different from God’s original design. It is easy many times to blame the leaders and the institutions for not doing their job well. The problem is not in the results we see but in the root; the current educational system has not been effective enough to reduce the levels of social, political and economic problems. On the contrary, these problems continue to increase. The reason is that mankind has developed and implemented their own ideals in our education system, where money, power and total control are some of the biggest determinants of success. Our generations are being raised and trained to live up to expectations and fill in gaps created by a fallen society, and not to restore justice and order in society.

We are here to raise generations whose ideals are aligned directly to the original design of God. The academy is a place where your children are prepared spiritually, personally, academically and socially to establish systems on earth leading to the integrity and the good of the city, nation, and the world.

Our intention is to help each student to identify the calling of God for their lives and prepare them to fulfill it with efficacy and excellence.



-The student receives personalized education.

-The student progresses in the appropriate pace for his/her learning.

-The greatest focus of the education is based on the student’s strengths and areas of interest.

-The student has the opportunity to develop projects and tasks in creative ways, increasing the students abilities and ingenuity.


-We promote participation from parents in the education of the student which creates a feeling of love, acceptance and support, improving family ties.

-Friendship ties are strengthened between students and families that share a common vision and values

-We provide a healthy environment for student development.

-We promote fellowship and brotherly love


-The student is guided to discover their gifts, talents and strengths.

-Our education system is focused on developing the individual’s character.

-The student is prepared to assume leadership roles at a young age so when the time comes, they can fulfill a leadership role in society.

-Students are raised with a kingdom vision clearly understanding the call of God for their life.


-To establish a strong relationship with God.

-To base their lives on biblical principles.

-To have growth in a community that promotes the advancement of God’s plans.

-To develop sensitivity to the voice of God.










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